A post of like, everything.

I want to explain a few things in this post and maybe make sense of what I'm even doing.  If you ran into me at a convention, saw something I posted on tumblr or instagram, worked with me, or even just stumbled here somehow. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read these words I'm writing on this unusually warm winter day. 

A brief introduction. I'm an animation nerd who is happy to be busy on multiple projects.  Mostly with the company I work for, sometimes a few experiments, but mostly on a nameless personal project that I prefer to be mysterious about because it's tough to admit I have no idea what I'm doing.

Getting started on said project was surprisingly difficult to do, considering I value myself only by the work I'm making.  And for six years or so, the work I was doing was mainly for my previous employer.  Good work, but not my work.  So sometime last year.  Almost exactly a year ago.  I just started making something.

Literally anything.

And I started calling that my film.  I've code named it -ODE- (there, now the secret is out) And have been occasionally pushing small hints of process and decision making to the wonderful world of the online.  It's rewarding to have something that I can come back to, to utilize the skills I pick up from my 9-5.  

It's funny how you spend much of your young adulthood watching your heroes from the sideline.  Indie artists like Rosto A.D., Suzan Pitt, Bruce Bickford, Don Hertzfeldt (obligatory shout out to my animation professor for revealing much of that world). But then suddenly you graduate, you're thrust into oblivion and the reality of your own boundaries hits pretty hard. How great, do you want your work to be? Well, how hard are you willing to work?

Guess it's time to find out.

I am however not too proud to admit that I'm not a writer.  Blogging doesn't fulfill me in that way, and it takes me so long to write I'd rather just be animating.  Yet, I do like teaching and sharing knowledge.  I don't have much, I've been a professional for less years than I have fingers, but I still love process; showing what it takes to do what I do. I expect most of my updates will be to share nifty problems that I and those I work with have solved.  Maybe even some tutorials of my own. (I should probably stop before I over promise and set myself up for failure).

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