Character Design Redesign

There are many dangers to a personal project, especially ones with no hard deadline.  My current project, -ODE- is rife with examples of work being done in a vacuum.  The latest and most visible (through periodic Instagram updates) is my heroine and main character.  

I think it's best to admit up front that my first drawing of her wasn't really -her- as much as it was just some feet.  I was mindlessly doodling in illustrator, not even really working on my film when I drew something that looked somewhat Aeon Flux-y.

#ihavenoidea #whereimgoing #withthis

With my film character still needing to be cast, I explored it further. Making a full design, then eventually a turnaround.  

I was pretty happy, she was rad and fun to work on. I hit my stride, and fell squarely in my wheelhouse.  Rigging and animation.  I'll cover those in a future, and most likely expansive write-up.   But with my optimism came the harsh realization of two things 1 - The design was too rigid and wasn't going to allow the animation flexibility I wanted.  And 2 - The vibe didn't fit the world I wanted to create.  

Standard Character Design problems.

So with the intent to take what I liked about her, and make it fit the newer criteria I'd discovered for myself, I started pushing her even more.  It wasn't a matter of stubbornly not wanting to start over, I genuinely liked so much about her that it felt fitting to work in this way.

Wow! All those fancy boot changes!

Wow! All those fancy boot changes!


Nothing was sticking. Till one day, while doodling I was struck by some fleeting idea and sketched out the images to the right.

Inspired and free that evening I set some goals:  Make the design in illustrator, get a rig. Get animating.

The fruits of which I share below.


It's always tough to tell when you're 'there'.  *Cue dreams of a Fairy-Art-Director-Mother*  However I can confidently say since this last round, I'm much less stressed about my main character…and back to stressing about the rest of the damn thing.

Since I'll cover more character and animation stuff in a future rigging post, I'll just end this with some gifs (hard 'G') of my initial rig tests.