To introduce this already award winning service to the world.  Rockbox (the company I work for) was asked to create something unique that would disrupt the category.  Fortunately for me, the creative minds at Rockbox saw fit to propose an interdisciplinary video running with a custom tune that's both fun and unexpected.


Director + Animator

This project was conceived by the collective mind of the Rockbox crew.  The song was written by Tom Demetriou, it was arranged and performed by Noel Selders at Substream Music + Sound Design. Produced by Meg Moore, and supported in various ways by the rest of the crew.

I've had some experience with stop motion in the past.  Not quite on the scale as this, but it incorporated some techniques I'd been itching to tackle.  Clean design in stop motion, Pixilation (stop motion with a human puppet), and 2D over stop motion. 

Early on I began experimenting with possible solutions and visuals to tell the narrative we wanted.  From those experiments and playful testing.  I began to work on thumbnails to compliment the song lyrics and nearly approved script.

In the meantime, Meg my producer, was locating a long term solution to shoot this project.  We eventually settled on something fairly unique to the Kansas City area.  Ten stories underground, carved into the limestone rock lies a city filled with available space.  It had controllable lighting, climate control, and 24 hour access.  So soon after discovery, we were loading in to the space.

All the props were designed during the storyboarding phase. They were built by our talented partners at Dimensional Innovations.

The space we were shooting in had some features. Like a lock on the door. And a flushing toilet

Early development thumbnails to begin exploration

Production images, from first pass on the boards, to 3D blocking, and some stages of fabrication.

After shooting there was a solid week of cleanup and compositing left to do. Rig removal, 2D animation, and a huge amount of rotoscope.  We color graded it with Taylre Jones to get the brand colors consistent across the spot.


The final result was a 60 second brand overview video, and a 15 second piece of short content.  The shorter one lives in youtube pre-roll and other social media platforms, like facebook and instagram.