Personal film

This was a 48 hour weekend challenge to just make something.  This is inspired by DJ loops by BEEPLE.
 All audio created by Standingwave and gratefully used under a creative commons license.



One of my favorite qualities of motion graphics is how it can define space.  When composed as such, the lens that a viewer witnesses an animation can be removed.  In this mini exploration I wanted to give viewers just that.  Somewhere worth escaping to, and getting momentarily lost within.  The constant kinetic force of the lines loop seamlessly through time,  driven by the push of the camera, and the beat of the music.  Just when the awareness of the loop becomes apparent, it abruptly ends.

The bulk of the animation is a constant flow of quick animating motion graphics that I've tiled into patterns in 3D space.  Creating the relatively simple animations was a really fun night of taking chances and drinking whiskey.  Some things didn't work, but I didn't want to edit out too much in an effort to finish something before I thought too much about it.