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Personal film - Estimated 2018 release

My current project, it's my labor of love, and the place I apply whatever techniques I'm currently interested in. 
I'll update this page with process, and follow my Instagram for even more current behind the scenes.



Starting with experiments.  My goal was to just make daily progress within a theme.  Originally that theme was Voyager Era Space exploration.  I wasn't too particular about that stipulation as evidenced by the Sputnik Gif below.

I would take these experiments and run them by a few select peers, as a sort of 'Daily' exercise.  My original intention was to just piece these scenes together in some form of edit, but my need to focus on narrative eventually overtook the whole project.

And therefore, in the midst of making something, I began the taxing yet rewarding process of writing a narrative for my project that had already begun.

In June, I had the pleasure of going on a family trip to the Michigan Upper Peninsula. Spending most days on boats and visiting places of interest along the coast, I was amazed to hear about the bravery and dependability of the Lighthouse keepers.  How even in complete isolation, they kept a strict routine and vigilance on the task they were given.

That became the inspiration for my heroine.

Working thumbnails from the sketchbook I keep on me all the time. I tend to jot down just about any idea that comes to mind.  Eventually that gets sifted down into styleframes and layout.  I only give detailed storyboards if a particular scene calls for it. I like the looseness of thumbnails so that I can keep some spontaneity as I work.

The character in my film is rigged for the most part with Duik's unbelievable IK rigging system.  And her head is a relatively complicated mix of After Effects trickery, hand drawn elements, and the Joysticks and Sliders plugin.  I've even used some BQ Head-rig...But not for her head (maybe more on that down the road).

I opted for this style of a rig so that I could have a 2 1/2 D aesthetic to the character to match her graphic environment.  It's also best for my workflow, as much as I'd love to flex my 3D muscles, it just doesn't seem practical for this story.

This is a head turn of my astronaut. I used this vector artwork to rig her in After Effects, and create all the tween positions to get a wide range of movement.

Currently I'm working through the story beats while animating some of the initial scenes.  I'll keep some of the visuals close to my chest, but I'll definitely share other bits and pieces along the way.  I'll most likely anounce further developments from my instagram.